Foot Zone Therapy
A simple, effective, holistic approach to health and healing that treats the body through the feet. When specific areas of the feet are stimulated by touch, energy flows freely between corresponding cells and organs. Individuals may experience relief from joint pain, headache, low back pain, fatigue, anxiety, depression, and more. Treatment also may be helpful to overall circulation, resulting in a relaxed, peaceful feeling of well-being.

Esoteric Hearing
An off-body energy treatment that enhances balance within the whole person—physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. By gently assisting blocked energy to release, the body may then have the ability to heal itself. Individuals may experience a deeper awareness of inner self, well-being, joy, and overall enlightenment.


Craniosacral Therapy
A gentle, hands-on method of evaluating and enhancing the function of the craniosacral system to help release restrictions in the body. And in doing so, CST complements the body’s natural healing processes.

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